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Buddha, Mother, Child and Lotus.

Oil on canvas, 86 x 77cm

Life, Worth the Chance


A life,

Glass petal precious,

Given in trust.

A soul to hold, to care.


Dew drop pure,

No hate, no greed.

A sunrise smile,

A clear horizon start.



Worth the chance.



 John Lester ©


Life, Worth the Chance. Oil on board, 41 x 61cm

 Moonlight, Ha Long Bay. Oil on board, 61cm x 90cm


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John Lester


John is a versatile artist who enjoys working on a variety of subject matter and with different media. His work currently falls into two areas: a traditional approach to landscapes, portraits, etc. and, secondly, a colourful and decorative style of semi-abstract painting that he has termed, ‘Colour and Motion’.



John grew up in a creative household, both his parents being practising Artists and Art teachers. Whilst his parents provided much artistic tuition for him, his formal Art training included numerous courses at various Art colleges and Art schools, including Exeter, Falmouth, Winchester and the Slade.
































After gaining a degree at University, John worked as a Museum Curator at Dame Miriam Rothschild’s Natural History Museum and following this position he embarked upon a career as a teacher and Head of Art. John now works as a full-time Artist.


Over recent years John has spent time building up his series of Colour and Motion paintings and as a selling artist, commercial work has included commissions for portraits, garden and interior design and work for BUPA, McDonald’s and HS1. John is a member of The Hesketh Hubbard Art Society at the Mall Galleries in London. He also enjoys writing and is a member of the Society of Authors.


Last year John had an exhibition in Manhattan, close to the Grand Central Terminal and the year before this he staged an exhibition at the prestigious Parisian café, Les Deux Magots. Also, John has an on-going exhibition of large format artwork at Ashford International Station.


Travels to the USA, Paris, Italy, Scotland, Australia and Vietnam have provided much inspiration for John’s artwork.

Toscana. Oil on canvas, 51 x 41cm

Ashton Mill. Owned by the late Dame Miriam Rothschild

Artist’s profile

Recent work

© John Lester

 Woman in Vietnamese hat. Oil on canvas, 60cm x 60cm

 Woman with Ethnic Blanket (detail). Oil on board, 81 x 61cm